• Lexicons Below you will find the links to’s very useful Hebrew and Greek lexicons.  These tools are extremely valuable for those who are serious about studying two of the main Biblical languages.  John uses this website mainly for the pronunciation tools it provides but there are several very good tools on the site.  Simply search for the word using the English letter spelling (use the spelling that Strong’s Concordance provides) and once the word has been found several pieces of information related to that word are displayed.  If you click on the icon that looks like a play button (found in the “Phonetic Spelling” section) a decent pronunciation of the word can be heard (not available for the Aramaic words).
  • English Word Pronunciation The below link comes in very handy when trying to find the proper pronunciation of any English word.  This website actually offers British AND American pronunciations.
  • The Tabernacle in the Wilderness  The below link is an extremely interesting website.  It is called the 3D Bible Project and it has, as the name implies, several 3D virtual reality renderings of various Biblical structures. We have used this website extensively in our research for our lessons on the Tabernacle in the Wilderness.  There are MANY other tools on this website that are quite useful for in-depth Biblical study and research.
    NOTE: Use of this website will require a browser plugin available for free download on the site. 

    Another useful website that offers several teaching resources focused primarily on The Tabernacle in the Wilderness is called The Tabernacle Place.  There link is below:
  • Bible Study Software  One of the most useful tools we have ever used in our ministry is a piece of software called e-Sword.  It is offered free at the link below.  The software comes with a very impressive suite of free tools designed to greatly improve your Bible study process.  These tools include classic commentaries, maps, copies of important theological documents such as Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews, Strong’s Concordance and many, many others.  Also offered for free are several of the most common Bible translations.  There are also several “Premium” tools for the serious Bible scholar that are offered for very reasonable fees.  This tool is simply amazing.  The man who developed this tool is undoubtedly devoted to the spreading of God’s Word.  We highly encourage you to donate to this man’s mission.
    If you do not directly access this link by clicking it, make sure you pay close attention to how the link is spelled.  It is a little unusual in that there is a dash in it and it is a .net domain name.  It is probably best just to click on the link we have pasted here.
  • Jewish Encyclopedia 
  • Charles Spurgeon We quote Spurgeon quite often at Chapel.  He was an amazing man and an amazing preacher.  In fact, Charles Haddon Spurgeon has often been called the “Prince of Preachers”.  The link below is one of the many Internet sites dedicated to this wonderful man of God.