Bible Languages

  • Animated Hebrew This website has a great series of YouTube videos designed to help teach you Biblical Hebrew.  The lessons are based on a good college textbook on the subject.  The site has several other tools designed to assist in teaching this difficult ancient language.
  • Lexicons Below you will find the links to’s very useful Hebrew and Greek lexicons.  These tools are extremely valuable for those who are serious about studying two of the main Biblical languages.  John uses this website mainly for the pronunciation tools it provides but there are several very good tools on the site.  Simply search for the word using the English letter spelling (use the spelling that Strong’s Concordance provides) and once the word has been found several pieces of information related to that word are displayed.  If you click on the icon that looks like a play button (found in the “Phonetic Spelling” section) a decent pronunciation of the word can be heard (not available for the Aramaic words) .