• Leslie Hale Ministries Many of the Chapel regulars hear us talk about Leslie Hale all the time.  We were once members of his congregation in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  He is an excellent Bible teacher from Ireland and he is a friend of ours.  The site includes links to some of Leslie’s many teaching sessions.
  • Dr. Gene Scott We were members of the late Dr. Gene Scott’s Church many years ago.  We can credit him for inspiring our insatiable love for God’s Word.  His church is now very ably pastored by his wife, Pastor Melissa Scott.  The link below is a good starting place to discover what that classic ministry had, and continues to offer.  The site includes a 24 hour stream of the many, many years of great Bible preaching that emanates from their pulpit.
  • Christianbook.com This website is a great resource for reasonably priced books.  There is a wide variety of categories including fiction, non-fiction, academic and even children’s books.  They carry many other types items besides books.
  • Through the Bible Radio  One of the greatest Bible teachers of ALL time was J. Vernon McGee.  We love this man.  Even though he’s been gone for almost 25 years now, his groundbreaking radio broadcasts are still run on radio stations all over the world.  You can access recordings of his teachings on their website.  We placed the link below.  
  • Kingdom This very useful website sells all sorts of ministry support items.  We originally came across Kingdom when looking for multimedia equipment and supplies.  They have an extensive product offering and their prices are always reasonable.